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How Seafood Protects Your Heart: Two Recipes

Why does seafood protect your heart? During this 57th American Heart Month, there’s lots of talk about how to eat we...

An important conversation with Brain Health Kitchen's Annie Fenn

Wild for Salmon cares about your health. So does Dr. Annie Fenn, with whom we recently spoke on the topic of brain he...

Seafood Nutrition & Cooking Methods

Seafood is healthy! Salmon is healthy! So much so that two servings of fish (particularly fatty fish because that’s w...

Staying on Track for your Health this Holiday Season

The holidays are commonly full of indulgences. This time of year is spent with loved ones, celebrations, maybe even g...

Healthy Doggos, Happy Doggos: A Good Diet for Your Pets

At Wild for Salmon, we strive to have a little something for everyone! When we started our business 14 years ago, ou...

Snip for Safety!

Snip for Safety!  You may have seen one of the several items in the news recently about foodborne illness. Romaine le...
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