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Still time for Gift Cards!

This blog post is for you:

- if you missed my newsletter last week explaining how easy and awesome our gift cards are

- if you still need a few more gifts by Christmas morning

- if one of those people still on your list is a foodie person who “already has everything”

As I said in my newsletter, Wild for Salmon gift cards are a very easy and well-received gift, for Christmas, or really any holiday or occasion throughout the year. We will send you a code equal to the amount of your choosing that you can share in whatever creative or simple way you choose with your gift recipient. Then, they get full reign over our online sustainable seafood store, where they can use the gift card to fill a cart, pay for shipping, and get wild, frozen, ethical, sustainable seafood to their doorstep within a few days.

wfs gift card pic


Local folks, if you prefer, you can stop in and get a physical gift card if your gift recipient is also local and will be shopping in-store.

 One of my favorite parts about commercial fishing is being able to provide something nourishing for folks back home. Just as Steve and Jenn did when they first started the annual commute between PA and AK, I love packing a cooler of fresh foods that will fend off scurvy for fishcamp in June and leaving with one packed up with as much wild Bristol Bay Sockeye salmon homepack I had patience and energy to process in August. Then throughout the fall, it's fun and easy to respond to "Dinner Friday?" texts with, "Yes! I'll bring salmon."

But, come December, I'm out of homepack and realizing that my friends and family might want to try something different. Plus sticking a cooler of thawing fish under the Christmas tree isn’t exactly why my family invited me home fo the holidays.

kurian smoker wild for salmon

Steve working on some smoked homepack in the early days in Naknek, AK. 

That's when I turn to the
Wild for Salmon gift card which allows folks to order any of Wild for Salmon's wide-array of delicious seafood for their next dinner party, that may happen with or without me and my contribution of home-packed sockeye from Bristol Bay. Plus, I stay in my budget by skipping shipping costs for my far-away people and also know they can't go wrong -- any and everything they "Add to Cart" on the WFS site will be a nourishing and welcome gift for their household.

I like to think, too, that I’m doing them a favor by helping them decide where and how to purchase wild seafood. Like I said in my email, I often get texts from my friends who are standing at the seafood counter or freezer in their local grocer, totally confused. Instead of helping them wade through labeling and explaining that “wild caught” doesn’t always mean wild fish or that “Atlantic salmon” is essentially a pseudonym for farmed these days, I can instead confidently tell them to shop at Wild for Salmon dot com where there’s little doubt that they’re making a good choice.

Steve wfs box
Give a gift card this year -- pick an amount at check out, and we’ll take care of the rest! And, remember, with this gift and all purchases at Wild for Salmon -- you are giving back! 1% of our sales directly supports wild salmon. Just one more great reason to give Wild for Salmon this holiday season.
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