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Settling back in Bloomsburg

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I think we all know by now that Steve is first and foremost a fisherman, and he does wear that hat all year long. However, now that the season has closed and summer is winding down, he has put many of his other hats back on. The pace is certainly different, but Wild For Salmon is a business demanding of his time and attention. We are excited to have both him and Matt, our 2017 greenhorn, back in Bloomsburg to hit the ground running with distributing--and for Matt, cooking--fish, nailing down details on changes to the buying clubs (stay tuned for that!), and generally continuing to improve Wild for Salmon and all our products.



Cabot, our longtime veteran crew, is still in Alaska and headed right into his big game (like dall sheep moose and brown bear!) guiding season after the fishing season wrapped up. Yankee, our second greenhorn crew, has returned to Utah for the fall. Meanwhile, the F/V Ava Jane, our mighty fishing vessel, is winterized for the winter in Naknek, Bristol Bay, Alaska. There she will stay until the fish bring the team back there towards the end of next spring.

To welcome this transition of harvesting the product to sharing it in the best way possible with all our customers, we are throwing a party! You may have heard about it by now. Next Saturday is Fishtival, our big event of the year where we get to hand deliver our products, offer our loyal customers (you!) discounts, and spend time with our foodie community at home in Bloomsburg.



This day completes the circle of what we do. When we’re out on the water, there is always the abstract idea that these fish coming aboard the boat will end up feeding our loved ones, friends, and customers. They have just made a trek from way out in the Bering Sea towards the freshwater spawning grounds, and feeding you all a healthy, delicious protein option is how and why they end up on our deck. But out in Bristol Bay, it is sometimes hard to imagine the meals we’ll all share. At Fishtival, we get to do just that.



Enjoying and celebrating the food with you all brings this all together and gives even more purpose to what we do. We hope you’ll join us.  


We are not the only ones who find it important to celebrate the salmon each August. This year, the state of Alaska celebrated its’ second annual Wild Alaska Salmon Day on August 10th. Governor Bill Walker signed the day into law in the spring of 2016 to commemorate the importance of salmon as food, culture, and a natural resource for the state of Alaska. Social media was jam-packed Thursday with folks all over the country celebrating this fish! You can participate by tagging #askforalaska and #alaskawildsalmonday -- both those hashtags have given us some great recipe ideas!

And we’d like to hear yours too!



In our next blog, we’d like to feature some ways folks at home are enjoying our salmon burger. Feta-dill or garden style? What toppings and condiments do you use? Pan fry or grill? Send them in or tag #wildforsalmon on your social media posts!


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