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Our virutal hug, hand-shake, and thank you.

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This week, the blog has taken the form of a letter, or rather a thank you note, as it feels important to speak directly with you, our valued customers.

Dear customers near and far, old and new,

Thank you.

Thank you for making the trip over to our storefront in Bloomsburg, PA. Thank you for sharing your Saturday and your meals with us. To put it simply: thank you for reminding us why we do what we do--why 14 years ago, we decided to start bringing Alaska’s life-blood back east with us, why we put four guys in a very small cabin for six weeks each summer to live, eat, sleep and work together, and why we are always looking to improve Wild for Salmon. A full house at Fishtival was an important inspiration for our business. It is rejuvenating for the crew to come home each year and witness the sharing and distribution of the bounty they exhausted their bodies over. We love sending product home with you all year long, but Fishtival is special, with all its hoopla and celebration. Whether you spent most of your time at our demonstration grill, pigging out at the Blind Pig food truck, or just mixing and mingling with other like-minded salmon lovers, we couldn’t have pulled it off without all of you!

You see, friends, during the season, the salmon is work. It’s what gets us up for our alarms, why we put on our raingear and hang out in the chilly rain on aluminum boats, etc. But in August, the salmon is joy. It’s a delicious burger bite. It’s the conversation piece for reflecting and sharing Alaska. We know the fishermen who spend time on the water harvesting our scallops, halibut, and other products feel similarly. We’re glad we got to do that with you last week.

Thank you also to the customers who reached out following the event via our facebook. Another thank you goes to our online customers, who took advantage of our Fishtival sale, and put Dale hard at work on Monday.



Finally, customers, we’d like to thank everyone who stopped by to visit with our chef, Josh. Our in-house master chef spent the entire day behind our grill preparing and demonstrating some of our favorite, signature recipes. Your engagement and eagerness to learn how to prepare our salmon and scallops was the real fuel to our fire behind that grill. Click here for access to our recipes from Josh’s demonstrations.



As always, we’re touched and humbled by y’all and love having you in the store. This past week affirmed that! Let us know any Fishtival improvements or additions you dream up on our facebook or in the blog comments. We’re enjoying the forthcoming transition into fall, but, in truth, we’re already looking forward to next Fishtival!

See you soon!

All our best,

Wild for Salmon


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