Follow Along with the Bristol Bay salmon season

Looking to follow along with the Bristol Bay Salmon Season? You can tune in to KDLG from home to hear the Bristol Bay Fisheries Report. These well-researched updates recap what’s new with the season just about every day during the Bristol Bay summer. The fleet will rely on the station’s journalists and deejays to paint the full picture of where the fish are, how much is being caught in which river, and what the Alaska Department of Fish & Game biologists are saying about the season.

TU image of Bristol Bay
Photo by Trout Unlimited Alaska 

It wasn’t until recent seasons that cell phones worked in Bristol Bay. Previously, radio (both public and VHF) was one of the only ways folks communicated in this remote area, and you might hear messages to or from home on Open Line, a show on this local station when anyone can call in to speak to other listeners.

Hi, this is so & so, if so & so hears this, please call me 907 843 … OR

Hello, looking for a ride to the King Salmon Airport from the Naknek loading dock at 3pm today...will be waiting at the dock with a red bag and camo backpack. Thanks!

You, yes you!, can leave a message for Captain Steve and the crew this summer. The Open Line program runs from 11:06-11:30am AKT Monday-Thursday, 11:06-11:57am AKT Friday. Speak to the fleet live on air by calling 1-907-842-1670 or 1-800-478-5354 (toll free).


We will also be sharing updates on our Wild for Salmon Facebook and Instagram! Join us there for the insider’s look to summer on the water.

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