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Bloomsburg University Screening: The Breach

"Once we were so many we couldn't be counted..." - Mark Titus

Filmmaker Mark Titus will join Wild for Salmon's Steve Kurian in conversation and a Q&A following a screening of Titus's first salmon film, The Breach. The Breach follows Titus's journey in discovering where the salmon of the Washington and continental Northwest waters have gone and follows them to Alaska, where the looming threat of Pebble Mine is potentially on the horizon. Titus is currently working on a second film, The Wild, which will be an update on the Pebble Mine mining project in Bristol Bay, Alaska, where Kurian participates in the commercial harvest of the world's largest wild salmon fishery. The pair worked together aboard Wild for Salmon's F/V Ava Jane this past summer, filming for The Wild and catching wild Alaska salmon to bring back to the eastern seaboard."

Learn about sustainable food choices, Steve and Mark's experiences fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska conservation, Wild-Caught Alaska seafood, Sustainability and more! Come watch the film, and learn about what makes us so wild!


Join us! Wednesday, October 4th @ 6:30! Q&A to be followed at 8:00pm!

Carver Hall, Bloomsburg University


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